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Table 2.2 Core elements of outpatient ASP (134)

  • Identify a single leader to direct antibiotic stewardship activities
  • Include antibiotic stewardship-related duties in position description or job evaluation criteria
  • Communicate with all clinic staff members to set patient expectations
Action for policy and practice
  • Use evidence-based diagnostic criteria and treatment recommendations
  • Use delayed prescribing practices or watchful waiting when appropriate
  • Require explicit written justification in the medical record for nonrecommended antibiotic prescribing
  • Provide support for clinical decisions
Tracking and reporting
  • Provide audit and feedback at the individual clinician level or at the facility level
  • Comparison of clinicians’ performance with that of their peers
  • Identify high-priority conditions as opportunities to improve clinician adherence to guidelines for antibiotic prescribing
Education and expertise
  • Use effective communications strategies to educate patients about when antibiotics are and are not needed
  • Provide patient education materials
  • Provide continuing education activities for clinicians