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Table 2.1 Methods to implement ASP in hospital setting

  • Restricted use of certain antibiotics
  • Prior approval by an ASP team
  • Reduces initiation of unnecessary / inappropriate antibiotics
Prospective audit and feedback
  • Use of antibiotic order form
  • Provides educational benefit to clinicians
  • Can increase visibility of ASP and build collegial relationships
Administrative control
  • Restriction of hospital drug formulary through the Drug and Therapeutics Committee
  • Use of antibiotic order form
  • Selective or cascade reporting of antibiotic susceptibility test results
Guidelines, education & consultation
  • Written hospital guidelines for common infectious diseases syndromes
  • Educational efforts aimed at changing prescribing practices of clinicians
  • Providing consultation from clinical microbiologist or infectious disease physician
Review and surveillance
  • On-going monitoring and analysis of antibiotics usage
  • On-going surveillance of antibiotic susceptibility
  • On-going monitoring of Clostridium difficile infection rate