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Modified Marshall Scoring System for Organ Dysfunction

(For early phase of acute pancreatitis (first week ± second week of disease).)

Partial pressure of oxygen, PaO2

For non-ventilated patients, enter FiO2 value for the supplemental oxygen levels:
  • 21 (Room air)
  • 25 (2 L/minute)
  • 30 (4 L/minute)
  • 40 (6-8 L/minute)
  • 50 (9-10 L/minute)

(N.B. A score for patients with pre-existing chronic renal failure depends on the extent of further deterioration of baseline renal function. No formal correction exists for a baseline serum creatinine >= 134 μmol/L or >= 1.4 mg/dL.)
The patient has organ failure.



Scoring table

scoring table
  • A score of 2 or more in any system defines the presence of organ failure.
  • If organ failure affects more than one organ system, it is termed multiple organ failure (MOF).

Grades of severity by Modified Marshall scoring system

Mild acute pancreatitis
  • No organ failure
  • Moderately severe acute pancreatitis
  • Organ failure that resolves within 48 hour (transient organ failure)
  • Severe acute pancreatitis
  • Persistent organ failure (>48 hour)